Jewelry has adorned humans since the beginning of time.  Evidence of bones, shells, stones and other organic matter may have been worn originally to protect  the wearer from evil or as a measure of status.  

In the 21 st century, jewelry is worn for many reasons: fun, formal, festivities... by almost everyone.

My first exposure to fine jewelry was as a kid.  My grandfather had a jewelry manufacturing business and sold gold and platinum findings and finished pieces to jewelers and stores.  Rings and pendants of diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds were commonly worn everyday by my grandmother and mother.

In the 70s when the turquoise jewelry craze hit the market, I remember seeing Zuni and  Navajo style pieces pieces on my teachers and other grown ups, jewelry that had a more bohemian aesthetic.

I was lucky to have taken Intro to Jewelry Making in high school and started making my own BOHO pieces for friends and family. 

My design aesthetic continues to evolve, but  I use mostly organic textures  and themes to accent and enhance the unique stones that I am showcasing.

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